Child. The first meeting with a book

ChildFamiliarity with it want not be shelved. Choosing tactics "with a simple to the complex." Please propose the newborn a book with a simple rhythmic text and nice illustrations. Then a text is complicated, and the pictures can be littler and richer in meaning.And already - talk to the child at birthday, tell him poems and jokes, jokes. Do not be embarrassed that the partner while "reticent." His brain is along digesting the indispensable "diet food". Of the the child is good to keep the head, lying on his stomach, "Treat" him a couple of colorful books with fast pages (presently sold quite a some of these). Let the small hands reaching for him, missing tooth is trying to be considering.Start with a poems of Agnes Barto or Corneille Chukovskogo. You can tell the kid by heart "Phone", "Boldly Buzzing Fly", gradually expanding a repertoire. Joint "reading" is better to do in a age of six weeks, until the newborn has not started actively crawl or walk. At that time, he enjoys sitting in mom's lap, carefully examining what she offers him.For example, book a bigger picture in A4 format, however similar to the real objects! And that's lovely, because a baby is more heavily to understand a schematic illustrations. Over time, the family may even keep a ritual: a kid pulls a book and pleased sits on the lap (a lot of children learn it earlier the walk and talk).To teach the baby not to tear the book is not that complicated. In this case, does not necessarily prohibit the loved game of "rvaklyu." Enough to propose as a sacrifice to the kid you did not require magazines, paper. Highlight a place (shelf) where the book will be based on personal child, and a password will be: "Bring a some book will be read." How respect for a newborn absorbs the book literally mum's natural milk.Necessary to read a entire text at once. It is influential to learn in accordance with the age simplify the plot, cast a "unnecessary" items. For 3-4 year-old baby enough proposals with a show: "That woman, that's a bun. And who - Bunny? "Gradually" to build momentum, "Let a baby is showing anything in the picture in a course of the story, and you articulated it, using adjectives and different details.Pick out poems (to simplify them do not!) With repeats. After one and a 1/2 years old kid could easily embed itself in simple phrases missed your loved quatrains. Is pleased to discover that what you and are constantly reading, kid knows by heart.We wish to read to a baby was a pleasant ritual, and the kid did not imagine a evening without an interesting book. Earlier going to bed you park yourself with the child back, once again to get a exciting journey, accompanied by a rustle of pages. In this case, a children are very momentous bodily contact, so well as all a warmth and striving of the moms and dads.A building of great motor skillsFinger gymsA evolution of great motor skillsLovely Motor SkillsFinger gamesThe development of nice motor skillsBeautiful Motor SkillsThe construction of fine motor skillsA development of speechMental developmentEarly childhood progressSimilar Newborn.articles:Mums. Feeding cerealsBabyService of a baby. Increase lactationChildVitamin for childrenBaby.

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