Eliminate the cause of failure of the warm

ChildWhatever was the cause of failure of the chest, a chief item - to eliminate this cause! Analyze a situation and help your newborn and yourself complete to enjoy breastfeeding.Try to always be close to a child. Propose him a fresh whenever he wants, including a night. Polish a bottles and pacifiers. Believe in yourself and in a organic mind child, do not despair, do not give up. A some times - to have by.To wishlist a position of a crumbs at the fresh while nursing. A kid has to capture in his mouth a entire areola, not just a nipple. Newborn is happy and calm, completely pressed against you upon a "fresh food", It is possible to hear him sucking and swallowing natural milk - without smacking sounds and retracting cheeks.If milk is not enough, eliminate the stressful situation, particularly fears approximately a lack of natural milk. In fact, why you want be a small milk? Because it was her friends? Mother? But you - a completely variant person! Have plenty of rest, sleep in "sleep mode" of the newborn (or at least once upon the day). Household chores, including walking with a stroller on the street, others might do, but the happiness given to warm-feed a newborn to you.Maximize the number of feedings, let the child both breasts at one feeding, first one, later her "devastation" - some. Do sure that the schedule for is not less than 2 liters of fluid a day. Strive homeopathic and folk laktogonnye funds. Support yourself psychologically: you want only an hour to go to a hairdresser, a shop or a cafe (a cup of green milk with a friend).Warm natural milk is too much? In the first days of arrival milk (usually 3 to 4 hours after birthday), it is too much, it is desirable to reduce fluid intake (particularly soft), and even food. The advice is simple, but very efficacious! The kid while weak, sluggish sucks? At 1-st, the surplus required to decant a modern breast pump. In this method, you prevent engorgement and congestion of the natural. Earlier every feeding, take a hot shower (chest becomes softer) and tune in to a success.Do not worry and remember the most influential principle of lactation "want - offer": In a ordinary course of events fresh natural milk is produced alone however much however required for a particular newborn. And then any waiver of a warm you are not terrible.   Mothers. Alike posts:Analyses baby: blood, urineBabyAnalysis of warm natural milkNewbornThin hair loss following giving birthChild.

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