Baby. Personal space

BabyIn the pre-production environment the newborn meets with a important "adult" concepts however. For example, the category area. And this is not alone due to a awareness that every material group has its place. Just when a baby rolls out carpet for the job, he finds his personal area, which can not be broken without the permission of its owner.After all, in groups of Montessori kids are not sitting on the desks, looking on proudly reciting educator. Here, every woman is busy with their work, sitting on a mat or a little table.If a substance, each of which in the environment there is only one copy, request just 2 children, then, of course, there is a should to agree on the sequence of apply or work together. And in this case, kids are priceless skills in society, the ability to negotiate and listen to each other.Target acquisition of social skills and serves so the principle of uneven-aged group is complete, where seniors help younger, which in turn fosters caring for the family and brings a climate in a group to a family. For a toddler Montessori materials - is a key to a world, done which he will order your chaotic view of the world. In a especial pre-production environment he practiced all the material and spiritual functions and fully developed.  Newborn attention. Resembling posts:Moms. Jaundice in babiesChildBaby service. ChickenpoxChildMaintenance of a newborn. Vitamin for infantsBaby.

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