Mothers. Baby Massotherapy: Questions and Answers

NewbornPhysical jerks and massotherapy are helpful at a age, but is particularly important in the 1st year of child's your. For now, there is a bookmark heartiness for a lot of years.How long does a massage, and how many sessions includes a course?The session lasts at a start of the course of about an hour. By a middle of a download increases, but all depends on the child: any children have tired of the 20 min, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Normally carried out 10 sessions. Clearly good trend seen in the 12-13th session.When you can do a second course of a massotherapy the newborn?It depends on a medic's testimony, but not earlier than one month later the previous one. The recommended frequency of once per quarter.The doctor sometimes advised to do "material therapy massotherapy +", what is it?Medic exercises complex - a system of exercises for variant ages, expanding varied muscle groups. Читать полностью -->

Service of a newborn. Cooking Lessons

BabyOf course, you care about a heartiness of a baby, try to nourish him only good and freshly prepared foods. As, the intention of "eating rightly" in relation to a baby has a number of features. Babies's dishes get their own laws.Boiled or steamed vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a little amount of aqua differ rich tasting, and consistency of your tender. Besides, when such processing is better preserved vitamins. In no case did not saute, even dressing for soup or borscht.Without sol and sugar in all foods have some of these organic ingredients, so teach your child to a natural tasting. But we can safely add to a bisque or puree - however it's a some bit of oil. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a baby. Dining nursing mum: general principles

NewbornA value of the regimen feeding mum for her child.POWER nursing mothers is one of the main points of interest to newly mothers. In a lot of hospitals there is still a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant women. Not alone do these institutions the power feeding mom is no various variety, so even know pregnant women are prohibited to transfer them to some of a raw vegetables and fruits that are so necessary for the recovery of the body of a nice mother and her child. With a menu, a nursing mother is normally recommended to eliminate all allergens. These involve fruits and vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this advice - the ration feeding mum should be no carrots, red medium apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Читать полностью -->

Moms. May a nursing mum eat bananas

BabyMay I warm-feeding mum medium bananas, so good (or useless) for herself and for her newborn? Let's deal. Breast-feeding is more important in the life of mom and baby, because at this time of the baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of a digestive system. Up to 3 months, a baby does not get enough enzymes to digest meal faster, however - his mom want be especially attentive to the schedule for, specifically if the baby is fed alone breast natural milk her. Because a problem of whether a nursing mom to eat big bananas, a answer is conditionally positive. You can, but in more little amounts, however it is quite heavy food. A lot of pediatricians are however generally recommend to refrain with eating bananas until a child is 2-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a child. Traces of the facial skin

ChildFront or back of a neck skin of the newborn and in other areas of maximum stress skin at birthday are at times bands of stretching. You will disappear in the following any hours.If the birth canal is too narrow, on the neck skin, face, ears and under a baby hairs may tread marks from the pressure of his mother's pelvic bone protrusions. These red spots or stripes with small bleeding and bruising too tightly fade and pass.Birth injuryEasy birth: birthday trauma   Mums. Alike posts:Feeding cerealsNewbornChild. Food allergies in infantsChildChild. Massotherapy infantChild. Читать полностью -->

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